2009 Box Office Update: Through August

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See ya, summer. Whether you spent a few hours or (500) Days at movie theaters, we hope everyone in the Lobby found something great to see. As usual, it’s enormously unlikely that any film released in the next few months will really challenge the box office winners on this list. So hey America, here’s what you’ve really dug in 2009.

:: 2009 Movie Releases Top Ten
Box office grosses through September 2

1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ($399 mil.)
For some, this will signify the end of civilization. No, not a Decepticon attack; the fact that this Michael Bay steel-cruncher will be, by far, the biggest movie of 2009. This sequel will be the only $400 million movie of the year, an impressive number that will be hit this weekend. When adjusted for inflation, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is currently the 68th highest grossing film of all time (soon to pass Lady and the Tramp and the first Harry Potter film).
Special Edition Blu-ray Release: Oct. 20

Image from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($295 mil.)
Speaking of Harry Potter, Half-Blood Prince has earned just short of $60 million in the past month to zoom up to the #2 slot. The sharp decline suffered after the film’s first week has evened out, and there’s plenty of life left in this one. This sixth entry in the series will be only the second Harry Potter film to break $300 million in North America. (For the record, we only account for about 1/3 of the global take for Harry Potter movies.)

3. Up ($289 million)
This Pixar fantasy picked up 165 screens in its 14th weekend, earning enough to remain in the weekend Top 20, and outearn Transformers and Ice Age, two newer movies. Hey, a good story wins over an audience every time.
4-Disc Blu-ray Release: Nov. 10

4. The Hangover ($270 mil.)
What?! What kind of comedy makes this kind of money? None. Here you go, the biggest box office laugher of all time. After 13 weeks, The Hangover is still earning over $1 million a weekend — and I can only imagine what the DVD sales will look like. How popular is this movie? The promotion for this week’s All About Steve announces “The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper.” Brad, ride it baby.

5. Star Trek ($256 mil.)
The last member of 2009’s $200 million box office club, this satisfying sci-winner is enjoying mild Oscar buzz for 4-5 sound and effects categories. The film s still in a couple hundred theaters, now in its 18th week.
3-Disc Blu-ray Release: Nov. 17

6. Monsters vs. Aliens ($198 mil.)
Paramount couldn’t squeeze this one past the $200 million mark, and closed it last weekend after a 20+ week run.
DVD release: September 29

7. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ($193 mil.)
I’d guess Fox was hoping for something even bigger than this? Although this third film in the series continues to (ice) chip away at the box office, it’s still a few million bucks behind Ice Age: The Meltdown from three years ago.
Blu-ray release: Oct. 27

8. X-Men Origins: Wolverine ($179 mil.)
It’s time to call it a summer for this strong performer, playing now in just a few scatterred theaters after an impressive 18 weeks. Okay Logan, we’ll see you again in the sequel, about two years from now.
2-Disc Blu-ray release: Sept. 15

9. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian ($176 mil.)
Did you know this is the seventh time Ben Stiller has starred in a movie grossing over $100 million? Just seven fewer than his pal Tom Cruise.

10. The Proposal ($160 mil.)
Really? I think most critics proposed that, um, you don’t see this movie. Sandra Bullock may be stuck in a character niche or two, but man is she playing them. This one’s still doing a decent per-screen average after 11 weeks.
2-Disc DVD Release: Oct. 13

:: Indie Winners

under 1000 screens: Sunshine Cleaning
under 500 screens: Whatever Works
under 200 screens: Food, Inc.

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