2012 HBO Summer Documentary Series Movie Preview: ME @ THE ZOO

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If you know the significance of the title Me @ The Zoo, consider yourself a savvy, well-versed member of the new digital community. “Me at The Zoo” is the name of the first video ever uploaded to YouTube, way back in April 2005. It appears to be 19 seconds of nothingness, of an unassuming young man in front of the elephants at the San Diego Zoo. But the big point, and the thinking behind this documentary, is that the video could have made that young man a legitimate star.

Here’s the (weak) teaser trailer for Me @ The Zoo, premiering on HBO June 25 at 9pm ET, as part of their Documentary Films Summer Series.

Yep, this is the story of the “Leave Britney alone” guy, Chris Crocker, and the effect his videos had on his life. I question the film’s promotional material calling Crocker “an Internet folk hero”. That’s pushing it. I’d try “modern-day video star case study.” My impression is that his attraction is rooted in his inherent freakishness and hyperbolic passion — authentic or otherwise — two attributes people can’t stop looking at. And wanting to become a part of, an even more interesting aspect of the YouTube age. But the main idea is far more interesting than Crocker himself, about the re-definition, ongoing evolution and endless American thirst for fame.

Chris Crocker in the documentary Me @ the Zoo

Me @ The Zoo is directed, produced and edited by Chris Moukarbel and Valerie Veatch.

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