2012 Marketing Aims To End The World

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Okay, maybe our headline is an exaggeration. But the just-announced marketing plans for Roland Emmerich’s end-of-the-world thriller 2012 are massive enough to cause the apocalypse. What’s weird is Columbia’s overt pride at the size of the effort. It almost ignores an important question: Is the movie any freaking good?

Poster - Wallpaper from Roland Emmerich’s 2012

Let’s begin by sharing the following from Columbia’s press release, about their October 1 plans:

Television audiences watching virtually every major North American broadcast and cable outlet will have the opportunity to see an exclusive, two-minute scene from the film as part of this simultaneous roadblock on Thursday, between 10:50 and 11:00 p.m. EDT/PDT.

Oh, is that all? Why didn’t the studio just buy half-hour infomercial time on all major networks and show 28 minutes of the film?

If a movie can be judged by the number of eyeballs its marketing hits, hey, 2012, you win!

With nearly 450 separate North American television outlets taking part in this unprecedented media event, it is projected that the 2012 footage will reach nearly 110 million television viewers – a delivery that exceeds that of the Super Bowl. The two-minute scene will reach an estimated 90% of all households watching ad-supported television at that time.

Who knows, maybe 2012 will actually be good. So, I was thinking of going out next Thursday night. Who’s with me?

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