2014 IFFBoston: Saturday What to Watch

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Saturday, April 26 kicks off the first noon-to-(near)midnight schedule for the 2014 Independent Film Festival Boston, with your choice of 16 features and five short-film packages. Wondering what to see? You can head on over to my full IFFBoston preview, organized by day, or see below for a bit more in-depth look at the Saturday offering—and yes, you could work out the timing to see every one of these films today.

First, the Saturday movies currently on the rush tickets list. If you’re interested in these and don’t have a badge, you should get in line early and cross your fingers:
:: Calvary, Brattle Theatre, 2pm
:: Wild Canaries, Somerville Theatre, 7:15pm

Jon Imber’s Left Hand
Somerville Theatre, 12:30pm
Jon Imber's Left HandArt and community embrace in this documentary about a local artist—from right here in Somerville—suffering from ALS, and the two notable activities he undertakes: Changing his physical approach to the canvas, and focusing on a new project, painting the 100 or so people who’ve visited to help give him a back rub. So simple.

The Case Against 8
Somerville Theatre, 2pm
One of the most acclaimed features of this year’s IFFBoston, this timely documentary details the efforts to overturn the gay-marriage ban in California. Co-director Ryan White also directed and produced last year’s happy Beatles doc, Good Ol’ Freda. The Case Against 8 won the Director Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and the Audience Award at South by Southwest.

Point and Shoot
Brattle Theatre, 4:45pm
This feature from director Marshall Curry, director of the Oscar-nominated eco-doc When a Tree Falls, just won the Best Documentary Feature yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival. Point and Shoot follows the exploits of Matt Vandyke, a quiet OCD sufferer who challenges his ideas of masculinity by going on a motorcycle journey throughout the Middle East and embedding himself into the violence in Iraq.

Fight Church
Somerville Theatre, 6:30pm
This one’s getting a ton of buzz, and it gets its world premiere at the IFFBoston tonight. The worlds of Christianity and mixed-martial arts meet in this doc (yes, it’s a big documentary day) about the 700+ churches across America that’ve become involved in sport-fighting programs. One of the great program lines of the festival is in the official Fight Church summary: Can you really love your neighbor as yourself and then, at the same time, knee him in the face as hard as you can?

A Is for Alex Movie PosterA Is for Alex
Somerville Theatre, 9:30pm
After all those non-fiction entries, end the festival day with a comic narrative about the sort-of complementary personalities of a pregnant woman and her immature inventor husband, played by real-life spouses Katie and Alex Orr. Shot while Katie was actually pregnant, A Is for Alex is Alex Orr’s first feature since the 2007 horror satire Blood Car, and it teaches us one real lesson: throwback videos on Facebook are evil.

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  1. Erik Dansereau, 3 years ago Reply

    A for Alex manages to be raunchy and sweet at the same time, I found Myself pleasantly suprised. A very entertaining film!

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