2014 IFFBoston: Sunday What to Watch

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Looks like rain has given way to, well, slightly less wet but persistently dreary weather across the venues for Independent Film Festival of Boston. If you’re grabbing some warm weather gear to queue up for cinema goodness, here’s a short suggestion list for today’s screenings. And if you’re reading this after the fact, it may be worth keeping your eyes on these titles in the months to come.

First, three films are on currently on the “no tickets currently available” list. If you’re ticketless and badgeless, you’ll need to line up for rush seats. Good luck.
:: Belle, Somerville Theatre, 5:30pm
:: Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter, Brattle Theatre, 6pm
:: Dear White People, Somerville Theatre, 8:30pm (tickets are still available for tomorrow night’s screening)

Somerville Theatre, 1pm
The location is Chinatown. The game is 9-Man, a tough streetball competition that’s provided a meaningful outlet, escape, and chance for bragging rights to Chinese players since the 1930s. This is the film’s world premiere. Check out this preview video from director Ursula Liang.

Brattle Theatre, 3:15pm
What happens when a culture with extremely limited access to technology is given the Internet? Director Michael Kleiman finds out, as the One Laptop Per Child program introduces kids in remote Amazonian villages to all the stuff we take for granted just about every minute of every day.

Fort Tilden
Somerville Theatre, 5:45pm
Here’s your chance to see the comedy that won the festival’s Special Jury Prize for narrative features last night. Two women chill at a New York City beachside getaway with a couple guys they just met, pushing off their “quarter-life crises” for the day, and wondering what’s up next for them in their lives.

Clare McNulty and Bridey Elliott in Fort Tilden

Riot on the Dance Floor
Somerville Theatre, 8:15pm
Head from NY to NJ with this documentary that traces the history of City Gardens, a New Jersey club that launched a wide variety of careers, and made a legend out of its promoter, a guy named Randy Now. Features photography from famed punk and skate photographer, Ken Salerno.

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