A Sopranos Movie? Unknown. But Here’s What The Stars Are Doing Next

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A Sopranos Movie? Here’s What’s Next for the Show’s Stars

Anthony “Tony” Soprano, the mother-despising, animal-loving, self-loathing, womanizing icon of television’s most accomplished drama ever, walks the driveway tomorrow to pick up the paper for the final time. (Figuratively, of course. Fans know he gave up the paper a couple of episodes ago…)

And the buzz about a Sopranos movie has been floating around for a couple of years. Nothing’s confirmed. Except fan interest.

Rumors of a prequel, Godfather Part II-style. A February ’06 report from our friends at The Movie Blog, quoting creator David Chase telling MSNBC he could be “sitting around and get a really good idea for a Sopranos movie.” And the endless chatter from campus quads to loading docks to corporate lunch tables, fueled by this week’s conclusion.

We have no new news. But we have dug out announced movie futures for the show’s beloved performers:

James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano)

  • Role: another “Big Papa,” Ernest Hemingway
  • Film: a currently untitled romantic drama, with Robin Wright Penn playing Hemingway’s muse of sorts, Martha Gellhorn
  • Director: Philip Kaufman (Henry & June, Quills — the guy loves writers)
  • Release: Scheduled for 2008

Edie Falco (Carmela Soprano)

  • Role: unknown
  • Film: Cult Figure
  • Director: Todd Graff (you probably remember him as “Hippy,” the guy with the mouse in The Abyss; he directed Camp)
  • Release: Scheduled for 2008

Michael Imperioli (Christopher Moltisanti)

  • Role: the lead part of Vincent
  • Film: The Lovebirds, an interweaving of stories that takes place in Lisbon; also features Sopranos player John Ventimiglia (Artie Bucco)
  • Director: Bruno de Almeida (The Collection)
  • Release: Premieres at the Lisbon Village Festival next Monday, June 18

Jamie-Lynn Sigler (or DiScala) (Meadow Soprano)

  • Role: the female lead, Ally
  • Film: Homie Spumoni, a comedy about a Black guy (Scrubs‘ Donald Faison) who’s been raised as an Italian-American; also stars Whoopi Goldberg
  • Director: Farrelly Brothers buddy Mike Cerrone (he co-wrote Me, Myself & Irene)
  • Release: Sometime in 2007

She also stars in New York City Serenade, which may or may not be called New York Serenade, and happens to star erstwhile heartthrob Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Chris Klein. (I’m wondering if you’ll ever hear about it again.)

Steve Schirripa (Bobby Baccalieri)

  • Role: a good ol’ Goombah, Stevie Venere
  • Film: That’s Amore!, writer-director Nick Vallelonga’s Italian-American take on Marty
  • Release: Possibly 2008; production is not yet complete

As for Chase, there’s nothing formally on the big screen horizon, of course. The man has directed television films before, most notably in 1999 — The pilot for The Sopranos — and again this year for “Made In America” the series’ final episode. For all its guts and originality, that title does remind me of the first line of The Godfather

TODAY’S QUESTION: Would you like to see a Sopranos movie? And what should the premise be? COMMENT

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  1. John Smith, 10 years ago Reply

    Yes, there should be several movies.

  2. Norm S., 10 years ago Reply

    Hi John-

    I haven’t heard that one yet… that could be a great way to either keep the story going or fill it in (depending on what happens tonight). But how long til it gets old? It would be pretty unprecedented, unless there’s a TV series turned film series I’m not thinking of.

    -Norm S.

  3. KB, 10 years ago Reply

    YES YES YES, please make a movie. There are still a TON of questions I’m sure everyone, including myself, has about what happened with whom and so forth. It’s sad it had to end, but we were filled with so much curiosity and intrigue for almost 10 years that everyone who is a die hard fan will never be happy with the show off the air. PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE!!!!!

  4. norm, 10 years ago Reply

    Hi KB-

    I’m with you. I think David Chase and the staff have handled the series in such a cinematic nature, The Sopranos just lends itself to a movie. Even if some curiosity still remains, it would be great to continue the story — especially in a theater setting.

    -Norm S.

  5. Kevin K, 10 years ago Reply

    Yes, a Soprano’s movie is a must and in the mean time, a DVD release of all the alternate episode’s they shot for the ending.. Its the least he can do with THAT ending.

  6. norm, 10 years ago Reply


    If Chase, HBO and company offer the alternate endings, does that just fuel the fire for those that didn’t like the “chosen” ending? It might just make fans crazy.

    Last week, Joey Gannascoli (Vito) appeared on the Howard Stern show, and mentioned that alternate endings were shot so that no one could leak what the conclusion would be. According to Joey G, crew members in the know would be Chase, an editor, and probably a couple of producers. Reminds me of the secrecy with which Chris Carter made The X-Files movie.


  7. Chance Brown, 10 years ago Reply

    To whom it concerns –

    As far as I’m concerned Sopranos is and will forever be the best show on cable. It’s sad to see it go. It left fans wanting more, and endless questions un answered. Like the mob or just good business its all about money. Your only as good as your last envolope. A movie would be great. A new blockbuster record. Its a great series , and best show around. Why not the best movie?
    Endless movie ideas contact me if interested. Like Christopher I share the movie industry pipe dream. So please make the movie. Make Chase an offer he cant refuse.


  8. norm, 10 years ago Reply

    Hey Chance-

    I like your “good as your last envelope” analogy… I think the final episode was about as stuffed as a goodfella’s envelope could be. That said, do you think a movie, if not done well, could taint the legacy of the show?

  9. CJ, 10 years ago Reply

    Hey Norm,
    I really would like a Soprano’s Movie and I think the premise should be A.J. coming up in the family as a club owner who either creates his own crew or works with his father (Tony) and they run New Jersey all over again. But like in the series they are rivalled by a younger New York gang that wants a piece of the action. But the movie wont be complete without more corrupt police, bigger jobs, more strenght straight from Italy and as always a few gun battles.

  10. norm, 10 years ago Reply

    Hey CJ-

    That would be big, but might it be a little too standard for David Chase? I could see him continuing to establish the intricacies in the relationship between Tony and A.J. — their mental anguish, the generation gap. All in the midst of a mob war, perhaps?

    -Norm S.

  11. marc16, 10 years ago Reply

    Sopranos movies would be huge. Themes for movies should include (in no particular order): the rebuilding of the NJ family; the continuation of the mob war (you can’t whack a NY boss without a bloody mess ensuing); the grooming of Tony’s successor (I’ve said for years Meadow, not AJ will take over. Now that she’s pursuing criminal law, she’ll be the new consigliere – well on her way to Bossdom); AJ’s attempts to enter the business – not to be too Godfather here, but AJ = Fredo – watching AJ’s frustration build through his incompetence will create resentment and envy as he sees Meadow’s apparent success and his father’s snubs (again similar in theme to GFII); how does Carmela cope with the growing strain of being Mrs. Mob Boss? This season she had a couple of “is this it” moments – this should escalate – I’d love to see how she handles this, along with how she deals with AJ and Meadow slowly spiralling into the family business. And lastly, continue to follow Tony’s pas de deux with the Feds.

  12. Norm S., 10 years ago Reply


    Great ideas! I’ve heard the idea of Meadow as the next line of power only once… it’s great and does a couple of things. First, it turns the male / female thing on its head (never forget, Kay had the door closed on her twice in the Godfather films); second, it allows Meadow to either be like Livia… or like a combination of Tony and Carmela. The debate — and desire — regarding a movie continues …

    -Norm S.

  13. Norm S., 10 years ago Reply

    … And The American Way is?

  14. Michelle, 9 years ago Reply

    I am very much interested in a Soprano’s movie. I own all season’s including season 6 part 1 and 2 on DVD. I watched the show religiously every sunday night. When A & E started to air the show, I would watch it on there too. It does not matter to me wether they are newer or older espisodes, I love the show. I love the Actors, I could watch it over and over again. I water reruns, have it taped on tivo and so on. If David chase is finally coming to his senses and wanting to create the master piece whch will be the Soprano’s movie then finally my prayers have been answered! I think that if he can start like from when Tony’s Father Johnnie and Uncle Junior were kids and then progress, to when he was married to liva, then Janice and Tony, and Barb were born. Growing up Soprano’s and the families new york and new jersey. Finally Tony’s crew and how they proceed onto the next level. It will be hard otherwise because alot of cast memebers have been whacked so to speak. But I for one, would go see the movie as often as possible and would buy it when it is released on DVD. I would hunt the street of NYC to try to see the cast memebers and so on. I also think it would be the movie to make the most money ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that I am not alone in loving this show!!!!! So all you Soprano’s FANS out there, lets DEMAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall be waiting and waiting to see it arrive. Looking forward to the greatest movie to ever BE MADE.


  15. "The real Meadow Soprano", 9 years ago Reply

    The Sopranos will and always will be the best TV series in my book, holding a special place in my heart because of my own family- I am not going to spell it out for you. The ending was disappointing in a way no one wanted it to end but I think David Chase ended to say( like the Mob it self) “Bussiness as always” So brillant but sad. I will be the first to admitt I will be at the midnight premiere no matter where I am if the movie ever comes about BUT I can’t think of much that could come out and the fans being Happy with in a 2-3 hr film. I have heard some excellent idea though

  16. Michelle, 9 years ago Reply

    Would I like to see the Soprano’s movie ??? That is a stupid question!!!! I love the show, I watch it as often as possible even now that season 6 part 2 is over. I watch it on A & E as well a HBO and HBO on demand. I would love to have the chance to see the cast members again. Have a chance for them to sign my copy of the book. I would see the movie from the first time it went to the threater until it arrived on DVD and would purchase it also. I have taken the “Soprano’s” tour, I have went to their sitings and so on. So yes, the answer would be YES YES YES I would love to see anything David Chase wants to do with the Soprano’s.
    He could even do like the god father series did, Soprano’s one, Soprano’s 2 and Soprano’s 3.
    The ending of the last episode was so very disappointing, left everything open. However, it looked as though Tony’s was going to go to jail.
    I personally think that making a Soprano’s movie is the very least David Chase could do to make up for that horrible horrible ending in season 6 part 2. I also know that I am not the only fan that thinks this. It was and always will be the best show EVER!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey David Chase, bring back our show, the fans are demanding it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -A Soprano’s Lover-

  17. Jayne, 9 years ago Reply

    Yes, make a Sopranos movie!!!!

  18. ty, 9 years ago Reply

    Don’t really follow many series but this one had me hooked since it inception. Please make a movie to clear up the cliff hangers…. Loved the series, well made and congrats to all involved…

  19. Michelle, 9 years ago Reply

    I would love to see these actors in any movies they make or mini series and so on. However, as I am a huge Soprano’s fan, I have been waiting and waiting to find any glimpse of a Soprano’s Movie. In case David Chase needs some idea’s which of course I am sure he does not, he can always start with when Tony’s father Johnny was a boy and Uncle Junior as well, or or even farther than that When Johnny parents started and then start from there, then you start with Johnny being born and then Uncle Juniors role and of course Tony and Janice and Barb being born and so on, and end with where AJ ends up taking over for Tony when he is old and needs to retire. It would be a good way to still see the ole cast/crew even know they whacked most of them before the pathetic Soprano’s Season Six part 2 ending.

  20. khan, 7 years ago Reply

    tony will probably get indictrd carlo turned rat

  21. khan, 7 years ago Reply

    tony will probably get indictrd carlo turned rat

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