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Meet In the Lobby
Slightly smart cinema discussion, with a passion for film that knows no bounds. No fanboy fanfare. No snobby attitudes. No celebrity butt-kissing. Just a pow-wow for people who love and respect all movie genres.


Norm Schrager — Editor-In-Chief
With careers in writing, advertising and television, Norm has been writing film reviews regularly since 1999. He began as a staff writer for the commentary website 24 Frames Per Second, contributed briefly to All Movie Guide, and was Senior Writer at from 2002 to 2012. Currently, Norm is a contributor to Paste Magazine and Sundance Channel. Norm is a member of the Boston Online Film Critics Association (BOFCA) and the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS).

Recent favorites, from the last decade or so, include The Sweet Hereafter, Boogie Nights, Almost Famous, Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Queen, No Country for Old Men, and Shattered Glass.

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Scott David — Cult and Underground Writer
Scott graduated from Boston University, where he studied film and Shakespeare. He is the creator of Meet In the Lobby’s “Quirky Queue,” reviewing cult films available on Netflix. Scott balances his cult movie viewing with independent studies in history, astronomy, mythology and theology. The rest of his free time is spent watching reruns of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its spin-offs, Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic.

Some of his all time favorite films include The Seven Samurai, Lawrence of Arabia, The Searchers, Hope and Glory, Young Frankenstein and Blue Velvet. According to Facebook’s Harry Potter quizzes, Scott would be sorted into Ravenclaw, his patronus is an eagle, and he is most similar to Fred and George Weasley.


Gareth Jones
Based in the UK, Gareth graduated from Aberystwyth–a small town in the middle of Wales–with a degree in Film and Television Studies. He had been writting articles for Popfodder, the London Academy of Media, Film and Television, and his own burgeoning blog site before discovering Meet in the Lobby during one of many quests to satisfy his (frankly disturbing) film obsession. Recent favorites include (500) Days of Summer, Drive, The Prestige and Moon. He also has a soft spot for Jonathan Hensleigh’s craptastic The Punisher, the work of Kurt Russell and an old-fashioned one-liner. Sometimes there’s no accounting for taste.

To see more of Gareth’s occasionally incoherent ramblings, take a look at his work-in-progress blog.


Allison S.
Allison contributes reviews and film festival coverage to Meet In the Lobby. Originally from New Jersey, Allison has been adapting to the ways of Boston life for the past several years. She has much to learn: After all, she still says milkshake when ordering. On most days, Allison works with dead brains. Don’t worry, it’s all on the up and up. Her background is psychology, cognitive science, and criminal justice. In between that is her fondness for movies, music, and the cool stuff happening in Boston. That means collecting cigar boxes to help make tape player samplers, managing the stage at the Marshmallow Fluff Festival, and of course, watching lots and lots of movies (and TV!).

It’s hard for her to pin down just what types of movies she’s into. At her job’s cinema night, she’s played the french film Russian Dolls and the gross-out horror Planet Terror. For today at least, she’ll say her top favorites are Garden State, The Trial, Donnie Darko, Imposters, Bottle Rocket, Pull My Daisy, Viva Las Vegas, and A Tale of Two Sisters.