Battle With A Bulge: ENTOURAGE Season 8, Episode 4 Review

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So, it comes down to this. It takes a suicide for Entourage to turn the dramatic corner? Well, it’s cheap but effective, and sets up the homestretch for the series, beginning with episode #4 of the final season, entitled “Whiz Kid.” Yes, that name is a pee-pee joke.

Rhys Coiro and Adrian Grenier in Season 8 of HBO's Entourage

The first oddity of the episode sits in the opening credits, where show creator Doug Ellin is listed as a co-writer with Turtle himself, Jerry Ferrara. Huh? Ferrara is also credited as a writer on episode #6 (airing August 28), so we’ll see if there’s some sort of consistency — or, at the very least, a continuous idea.

Power Couple
When we return to Dana’s manse, Ari (Jeremy Piven) and Dana (Constance Zimmer) are still in bed, happy as two clams. Two very busy, very rich clams. As a cute but cliched touch, the pair bet which one has missed more voicemails and emails while they’ve been in the boudoir. Things slide a little more out of control for our favorite vicious agent when he shows up late for couples therapy and shows up at Flay’s with Dana for dinner. Funny appearance by Flay himself, and a good, threatening scream or two by Piven. (Who’s gonna be TV’s ranting jackass when this show ends?)

Power Pee
As follow-up to Carl Ertz’s instant demise, the cops need to interrogate Vince (Adrian Grenier) and Turtle. And that means drug tests. And that means trouble for Vince, who apparently took a couple tokes that the crew fears will show up and ruin Vince for good. In a twisty mix of comedy and serious stuff, Billy (Rhys Coiro) comes to the rescue, complete with a phony phallus, to be polite. And yeah, you’ll see it.

Power Pals
Between Ertz’s death and Billy’s Diggler dong, the show sets up a couple one-on-one scenes with Vince and E (Kevin Connolly). For real fans of the characters, this is a welcome return to one of the show’s most trusted relationships. At this stage, of course, the guys are trying to get their friendship on its feet again — doing so with a scared Vince flashing his fake johnson in a public men’s room has homoerotic undertones that should make even cynical fans laugh it up.

And speaking of men being men, what are we to make of the crew giggling like schoolgirls while tossing around said schlong? Hmm. We’ll leave that to you fans, but we figure these guys are comfortable in their manhood. Or they better be.

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