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Dear Mr. Garry Marshall: We give you permission to keep your directorial choices to a slim category: specifically, the light, airy, teen stuff. How about, say, a Princess Diaries 3? Yes, you have given much to TV and film entertainment but, well, it’s been a while. You seem like a very charming, engaging man, and your immense cast for Valentine’s Day proves you have many friends and admirers. But, your films are becoming synonymous with “bland”. I’ll just fondly think of you as the director of The Flamingo Kid and leave it at that. Best, The Lobby.

Valentine’s Day
Rotten Tomatoes: 14 / 100; Metacritic: 34 / 100

The Wolfman
Rotten Tomatoes: 31 / 100; Metacritic: 45 / 100

Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Rotten Tomatoes: 48 / 100; Metacritic: 48 / 100

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  1. Hey,Hey,Paula, 7 years ago Reply

    I was disappointed with Valentine’s Day too. All that advertisement and it was like, let’s jump from one couple, to another, to another, blah, blah blah. Love Taylor Swift’s acting debut. She plays a giddy high schooler very well!

    Great blog!

  2. IndependentFilmLover, 7 years ago Reply

    Valentines Day was never going to be a good film. I had high hopes for The Wolfman and although i really enjoyed Benecio Del Toro’s performance and Baker’s work on the make up and costume, there simply wasn’t enough story to get my teeth sunk into

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