Behind the Scenes of FANTASTIC MR. FOX

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If you’re planning to see Wes Anderson’s ambitious Fantastic Mr. Fox this weekend (below, with Bill Murray), you’ll want to check out Anderson’s interview on NPR’s Fresh Air. We’ll periodically recommend the show and, simply put, it’s one of the greatest forums to learn about writers’ and directors’ approaches, passions and personalities. Folks seem to be at ease with host Terry Gross and they get plenty of time: Wes Anderson’s recent appearance on the show runs over 36 minutes.

Bill Murray in Fantastic Mr. Fox

And you have to hear it. Anderson pulls the curtain back on his stop-motion opus Fantastic Mr. Fox, discussing everything from his amazing voice cast and the film’s color palette, to costumes, the use of music in film, and the details of Whackbat, the fictional sport created by Anderson and co-writer Noah Baumbach. (play Whackbat here!)

Anderson comes off as polite almost to a fault. When Gross mispronounces composer Alexandre Desplat’s name as “Desplat” (it’s pronounced “Desplah”), Anderson can barely point out her mistake, saying that she just about has it right.

Listen and enjoy.
Listen to Wes Anderson’s Fresh Air interview

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