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UPDATE (06.20.10): If you’ve been checking this post for Best Worst Movie screening locations, here is the official list of where you can find one of our favorite documentaries. We strongly recommend this one to any fan of cult films. And friendly dentists.

As a real fan of the funny, wacky documentary Best Worst Movie, I loved getting a couple inquiries about the movie’s DVD availability. First, for the uninitiated, a quick primer:

Best Worst Movie is the infamous story behind one of the most infamous films of all time, the dreadfully bad, endlessly lovable Troll 2. Best Worst Movie not only chronicles how and why the movie was made, but how it reached a pinnacle of popularity just a few years ago.

To answer the DVD question, we contacted one of the film’s producers, and here’s the short answer: As the Best Worst Movie team continues screenings and firming up theatrical distribution, a DVD release looks likely for spring or summer 2010.

If you’ve seen Best Worst Movie — or are just a Troll 2 junkie — let us know. Until then, the trailer…

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  1. TFO, 8 years ago Reply

    Will it also screen in germany?

    Dvd in 2010! No! Can’t wait that long. Damn.

  2. Norm Schrager, 8 years ago Reply


    Yeah, I was hoping it might hit DVD earlier.

    As for screenings, there don’t seem to be any planned, but you can check back here:

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