Bizarre New Movie Poster and Trailer for VULGARIA

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Vulgaria Movie PosterWe’re really not too sure what the hell’s going in this brand-spanking new movie poster and trailer for the Chinese comedy Vulgaria. But, speaking of spanking, that activity may actually come into play. Or, perhaps, filthy conversations about spanking. These are just guesses as the poster and trailer, which arrived this week from China Lion Entertainment, straddle the line between conventionally kooky and surrealistically raunchy. Maybe. (Click on the movie poster for a closer look.)

Just as the in-theater stand-ups for Ted bragged about the film’s R rating, Vulgaria makes sure to play up its “coarse language” and child-protective rating that’s one level above “parental guidance”. They’re calling this trailer NSFW, but that depends on whether anyone you work with speaks a Chinese dialect. Then, definitely no.

Vulgaria Chinese Movie PosterSee what happens when enough American culture infiltrates the rest of the world?! Dirty, incoherent, madcap comedies about moviemaking and cheating capitalists. Figures.

In all sincerity, if you want a good idea of the Vulgaria sense of humor, check out their newly created Facebook page. Directed by Pang Ho-Cheung, Vulgaria is the top-grossing Chinese language film in Hong Kong for 2012 (#2 is another Pang film, Love in the Buff). The film played at the New York Asian Film Festival in June, and will next screen at Austin’s Fantastic Fest, this Sunday night, September 23 at 9:45pm. NY film critic Christopher Bourne called it “an incredibly filthy movie that achieves its perversity solely through dialog, without a trace of nudity… without human nudity, anyway.”

We’ll stop there. Vulgaria gets a limited North American release beginning September 28, playing in the following cities: Boston, Chicago, Houston, L.A., Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington, D.C.

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