Can LET ME IN Satisfy Fans of the Original?

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Ask any admirer — including me — of Tomas Alfredson’s Let The Right One In about the upcoming American remake, and you’re likely to hear the same thing: Why? Are Americans so dense that we can’t sit through a subtitled Swedish movie? Must we lean on a simplified remake for our growing nation of unchallenged dolts?

The 2008 original has a style and grace all its own. In fact, the film’s final five minutes are astounding, so ingenious and arresting that I watched the ending three consecutive times after an initial viewing. Let The Right One In pairs a bullied preteen boy with a young-looking vampire girl, creating a love affair of sorts. It’s subtle and wonderfully quiet. And it isn’t a horror movie.

So why is there so much cautious excitement about the trailer (never ever trust ‘em) for Matt Reeves’ English-language remake? Because the visual tone is somewhat close? If you believe the marketing, this one is Americanized, banking on Reeves’ Cloverfield credit, and making the proceedings feel like a chaotic zombie movie. This is clearly Overture and Relativity’s attempt to grab and titillate the younger, vampire-hungry audience. Jeez, can’t we just chill out?

But hang on, here’s hope. A recently released clip from Let Me In. Gotta love the Blue Oyster Cult inclusion.

And here’s a comparison of the posters for each movie. Personally, I think they both work, but the tagline for Let Me In — Innocence Dies. Abby Doesn’t. — is terribly corny.

Let The Right One In Movie Poster

Let Me In Movie Poster

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  1. Chheng E, 7 years ago Reply

    With the controversy of remake vs orig surrounding this movie, I’m getting curious. I’m inclined to see the original before watching “Let me in”. But then again, I often see horror movies for reasons other than the story, such as Quarantine for Jennifer Carpenter, Christine for the 1958 Plymouth Fury, The Stand for the novelized Bible theme, etc.

  2. freddy, 7 years ago Reply

    did u liked it? i loved the last Freddy Krueger

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