Trailer Tuesday: Which ELEGY Is It?

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We premiered the first Elegy trailer back in June, and here's a second one worth your consideration since it has a completely different tone. An interesting, but certainly not unprecedented, marketing strategy. The first trailer (see it here) has that meaningful life-is-about-to-change comedy vibe, with a refreshingly honest view of relationships. This one sells more...

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The Hollywood Reporter offers an update on three American films that buzzed like a beehive at the Cannes Film Festival, but have distribution issues. Why? Here's our take, with details on all three movies: :: Steven Soderbergh's Che Soderbergh's biography about revolutionary Che Guevara is enormously challenging: It's built as a two-part film experience clocking more...

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Al Pacino’s Top Five Performances

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Al Pacino’s Top Five Performances

"Say hello to my little friend!" ... "You're out of order!" ... "You broke my heart." ... If the measure of an actor's career were the number of lines he's made famous, Al Pacino would be the biggest performer in movie history. Earlier this month, the AFI honored Pacino with a Life Achievement Award ... so this is the perfect time to consider the best from the more...

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