MOVIE POSTER MONDAY: Stephen King’s “The Mist”

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MOVIE POSTER MONDAY: Stephen King’s “The Mist”

We shared our preview of The Mist during Labor Day weekend, and now I hear a little buzz building. So, here's our latest poster encounter with this Stephen King adaptation. First, notice the most unnecessary aspect of any Stephen King-based movie poster: The line "Stephen King's Legendary Tale of Terror." Yeah, they're all legendary, we get it. This has probably been more...

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PREVIEWS, TRAILERS: “The Signal” and Stephen King’s “The Mist”

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Who said horror movies were dying? With Rob Zombie's Halloween remake looking like a box-office win, we have The Signal and The Mist, two upcoming features that have Stephen King written all of them. (Literally for The Mist.) After umpteen movies have given torture-horror a bad name (yes, even with a name like "torture-horror"), we're headed back to the days of more...

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Movie Preview and Trailers: “Halloween” Remake

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A few years back, before hearing about the Halloween remake, I was asked to review the 1978 Halloween, the original John Carpenter classic. I jumped at the chance. To my mind, the original Halloween remains an indie genre film done remakarbly well; so well, it spawned decades of horror films -- most were crap -- and series of horror films. Halloween was the ultimate more...

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The Invasion: The 3rd Remake of a Classic

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The Invasion: The 3rd Remake of a Classic

When The Invasion creeps into theaters Friday, Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig will be following a movie legacy: 50 years of unsuspecting "Body Snatcher" characters hunted by alien life forms hell-bent on replacing humans. The original 1956 classic (see the trailer!), Invasion of the Body Snatchers, was adapted from sci-fi author Jack Finney's serial tale. And with more...

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