Eli Roth Not Directing Stephen King’s “Cell” ‘Anytime Soon’

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In a blog entry from this morning, Eli Roth admits that production on Cell won't begin for some time. He places that tidbit within a context that basically says two things: 1) Piracy is playing a major role in stealing box-office revenue. 2) Go See Hostel Part II. From the blog: "this is your last chance to see one of my films for a while. If you haven't seen it, go now, more...

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Hostel Part II — Will It Suffer A Quick Death?

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Hostel Part II — Will It Suffer A Quick Death?

Filmmaker Eli Roth is one of the more creative (and gutsy) players in the horror game today. His debut, the cheeky 70s homage Cabin Fever scored with critics. Then, last year's Hostel hit big with audiences, pulling nearly $20 million in its first weekend. Last weekend Hostel Part II opened, grossing just over $8 million. A letdown? Sounds like it. But maybe more...

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