Did You See Oliver Stone’s W? Here’s Who Did

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Did You See Oliver Stone’s W? Here’s Who Did

While preparing for a radio appearance this morning (Atlanta's 92.9 Dave FM), I was asked if W. viewers could be categorized along political party lines. I thought, "There would have to be exit polls at the theater... just to gauge politics? Who's going to spend money on that?" Well, someone spent money on that. Here's who saw W. this past weekend: :: Intend to more...

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Filmmaker Interview: CHOKE’s Clark Gregg

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Filmmaker Interview: CHOKE’s Clark Gregg

posted by Allison, 10/7/08 When Clark Gregg set out to make Choke, he had everything he needed for his low-budget, 25-day shoot: an abandoned colonial theme park, an abandoned mental hospital, a zoo and the recently unemployed Sopranos crew, all in one spot. What can I say? That's what NJ is there for. I spoke with Gregg about NJ's many abandoned asylums, among more...

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Filmmaker Interview: SIXTY SIX’s Paul Weiland

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Filmmaker Interview: SIXTY SIX’s Paul Weiland

By his own admission, British director Paul Weiland has been unfairly accused of "paycheck directing," of just taking the job. No one can throw that accusation at him for his latest film, Sixty Six, an autobiographical family comedy, based on Weiland's painful experiences as a Bar Mitzvah-boy-to-be. It's a long way from his debut film 20 years ago -- which still comes more...

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Interviews: LAND OF THE LOST’s Brad Silberling, Krofft Brothers

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Shooting's done on the upcoming Land of the Lost, and the good folks at Movieweb caught some video interviews with three major players behind the comedy. First, director Brad Silberling, he of the smart decision to make Sleestaks look just as silly / intimidating as they did in the 1970s. (Note: Silberling is interrupted early by Jorma Taccone, who plays more...

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