Coming 2010: Sean Penn To Get Smacked in Nuts

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UPDATE (06.16.09) Sean Penn has decided to call it quits, possibly for a year. Read all about it here. 

ORIGINAL POST: As you might have heard, MGM and The Farrelly Brothers have added a massively talented dramatic actor to their Three Stooges film: Oscar winner Sean Penn.

Sean Penn in We’re No AngelsPenn will play Larry, meaning he’ll probably get cranked in the nether regions and be flipped like a cheese omelette — if the Farrellys pay direct homage to the original Three Stooges, that is. Look left to see Penn in his last comedy: 1989’s We’re No Angels. (Oh, that doesn’t count those couple of appearances on Friends…)

In our original Three Stooges coverage last November, I mentioned word of a massive talent search to find the right Curly. Forget it. It’s Jim Carrey, who claims he’s gonna pull a De Niro a la Raging Bull, and gain forty some-odd pounds to play Curly. Or, more accurately, to be as rotund as Jerome Howard, the man who made Curly famous. I’m looking forward to hearing Carrey lament “I keep tryin’ to think of somethin’, but nothing happens!”

Benicio Del Toro in Fear and Loathing in Las VegasLast but not least, MGM is trying to wrap up another Oscar winner, Benicio Del Toro, to play Moe. I can see Del Toro doling out some seriously stupendous slapstick smackdown to those other two idiots. I mean, the characters, not the guys. Of course. Del Toro’s last comedy: Is Snatch (2000) a comedy? If not, I say Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (on your right). Hells yeah.

And that November 2009 release date for The Three Stooges is out the window. Variety is reporting a late fall production start and a 2010 release.

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  1. Mikes@NewsBlog1st, 8 years ago Reply

    Oh c’mon! Penn is a good actor but will he live up to the character. I don’t think so. I hear Jim carrey will be part of this project as well. that one is a good choice!

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