Disney Announces Animation Lineup Through 2012

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John Lasseter, Disney AnimationYeah, we know every film source in the world is going to have this story, but we couldn’t resist. I’ve always been a Disney animation aficionado and now, with Pixar’s John Lasseter at the helm, it would appear the sky’s the limit for these consistently remarkable storytellers. Lasseter and company announced an entire lineup of new films yesterday, a slightly unorthodox move for Disney. But if Ratatouille is any indication — its artistry and its success — these guys are going in the right direction.

Hree’s the mondo lineup Lasseter (referred to as “J.L.” by the “actors” in the A Bug’s Life bloopers) revealed for the next four years. Here you go:

:: Up 
This will be Pixar’s first 3-D venture… and all their films thereafter will be 3-D.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story:: Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in digital 3-D
See?! Pull these gems out of the vault and see how 3-D treats’ em. You’ll see the first release in 2009, the second in 2010.

:: Cars 2
Production is about to begin, with the film hitting theaters Summer 2012. Ratatouille director Brad Lewis will take the big chair for this first non-Toy Story sequel. Unfortunately, this was announced in NY by Larry the Cable Guy. Where the hell is Jim Varney when we need him? (Yeah, I know he’s dead, thanks.)

:: Bolt
This was called American Dog (see below), now it’s not. Disney megadarling Miley Cyrus and Wild Hogs porker John Travolta star. Industry insiders were shown 15 minutes of the film during the announcement.
Scene from Pixar’s Bolt

:: Toy Story 3
Andy goes to college! And we get to meet the Ken doll! This one’s still under wraps since the original Disney idea was scrapped after Lasseter came on board for good — and brought his own passionate ideas along with him. You’ll see it in theaters June 18, 2010.

:: Newt
A Pixar romantic comedy by sound designer Gary Rydstrom, scheduled for 2011.

:: The Bear and the Bow
A Scotland-based Pixar fairy tale directed by The Prince of Egypt’s Brenda Chapman. (Pixar’s first chick director! Nice!) Stars Reese Witherspoon, Emma Thompson (I Am Legend murderess!) and Billy Connolly. Also for 2011.

Interested in the non-Pixar Disney stuff? We’ve got The Princess and the Frog, for Christmas 2009. This one’s hand-drawn (wow!) and directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, the Aladdin guys that Lasseter convinced to come back to Disney. (Start singing Kum-ba-ya… now!)

And last, Disney’s long-hidden-away Rapunzel, a digital CG film for Christmas 2010.

(Courtesy Variety, slashfilm, Disney)

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  1. Chris, 9 years ago Reply

    The pressure must really be on Musker and Clements… any hope of a traditional (hand-drawn, cel-based) animation revival rides on the success of this film. Otherwise, thousands (not kidding) of artists and technicians need to finally give up the past and get updated training on rendering software ASAP.

    I always thought Disney gave up too quickly in this regard. In hindsight, I bet “Brother Bear” looks pretty good compared to “Meet the Robinsons.” The real problem was that Pixar surpassed them in storytelling, not just technology.

    “Treasure Planet” gets no sympathy, though.

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