Documentary “Crazy Love” Continues Roll Out To Theaters This Weekend

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Crazy Love In Theaters This Weekend

Theirs is a decades-long relationship filled with passion.

Obsession. Prison. Marriage. Pretty much in that order.

They are Burt and Linda Pugach, the subjects of Dan Klores’ titillating documentary about this somewhat psychotic couple and their super-twisted history. And the film is in position — along with Michael Moore’s Sicko — to capture doc audiences this summer.

Romance and treachery have always been an attractive mix (back to Shakespeare, really), and this modern, stranger-than-fiction version fits right into our culture that applauds bad boys and crazy chicks. If it weren’t a documentary, we’d call the subject matter downright trashy.

Crazy Love opened to small numbers on three screens in NYC last week. Today, it pulls into 24 more US theaters today, and then more each week through July. See the complete release schedule.

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