Documentary Preview: As Controversial As “Sicko”?

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Michael Moore’s not the only documentary filmmaker wreaking serious political havoc this summer.

Indie director Curt Johnson, Oscar winner for the short doc Thoth (2002), is stirring up his own trouble with Your Mommy Kills Animals.

This bizarrely titled feature — the name’s taken from a curious piece of animal rights propaganda — takes an exhaustive look at the animal rights movement, from its admirable roots to its shocking extremism. Appearances include Katherine Heigl, Jessica Biel, James Cromwell, Jorja Fox, Joe Mantegna and far more than we could fit here.

COMING SOON: An interview with Curt before the film’s July 20 release and my review at Until then, here’s the trailer:

In addition to the trailer, Curt’s also developed a music video. For a documentary? The unconventional piece is produced by satirist / Saturday Night Live vet Greg Scarnici, who said “I couldn’t believe no other documentary ever had a music video tie-in …” You think that’s weird? Wait’ll you see the wacky low-budget video, clearly representing one side of the argument …

TODAY’S QUESTION: What would you like to ask Curt? We’ll use your comments for our upcoming interview. COMMENT

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  1. The Angry Vegan, 10 years ago Reply

    Curt Johnson has a lot of nerve pretending to be a First Amendment crusader or a friend to animals. Here’s the deal: Mr. Johnson willingly took blood money from the Center for Consumer Freedom to make an anti-animal rights and anti-PETA propaganda film. When some remaining shreds of conscience caused the film to be less than what Mr. Johnson had promised to deliver, he was sued. But make no mistake: the film is no plea for animal rights– one of the loudest voices in it comes from the Center for Consumer Freedom itself! Curt Johnson is no more a victim here than Leni Riefenstahl was in her day.

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