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UPDATE (09.27.10) Dave’s at it again. Check out his final version of the much-requested Queens Boulevard movie poster.

Since we weren’t graced with a preview copy of tonight’s Entourage Season 7 finale, I wanted to take the space to say hey to one of our favorite Entourage fans: He’s a UK designer who goes by Dave Will and he’s devoted a whole lot of time to fake Entourage posters, a topic that’s oddly been one of our most popular here at the Lobby. (See our original Entourage fake movie posters post).

Dave created an impeccable likeness of the Aquaman poster seen in the series (and in Variety in June 2006), and gained attention from Entourage fans in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark. And most of them wanna see more from Dave.

Here are two looks from Dave’s Aquaman work, bigger and prettier than the ones we’d previously posted. And here’s Dave’s entry about his work.

Entourage Aquaman Movie Poster by Dave Will

Entrourage Aquaman Movie Poster by Dave Will -- 2nd Look

Dave, thanks for being a Lobby fan and continued good luck.

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  1. Free Movies Online, 7 years ago Reply

    am i the only person on earth who doesnt watch entourage? sheesh!

  2. Shaz K, 6 years ago Reply

    Count me in too.

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