ENTOURAGE Season 6, Episode 10 Review

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Rex Lee in EntourageIs the world going mad? I can’t recall an Entourage episode with as many strange firsts as Episode 76. We send some Lobby applause over to creator Doug Ellin (who wrote this one) and director (and X-Files alum) David Nutter: This one goes against the grain, but it keeps the storylines moving and keeps a bit of that Entourage edge. Sure the, ahem, purists want more drinking and sex but you can’t do 76 episodes of that. (At least, I don’t think you can.)

Let’s recap the firsts:
:: Ari has to work without Lloyd. For good.

:: Turtle is stuck in a mental “love triangle.”

:: Eric sends a girl walking — with none waiting in his back pocket.

:: Johnny Drama quits a gig.

High points:
:: Drama’s impassioned plea to Ari for some real honesty. Kevin Dillon sells it so well that we actually believe Ari (Jeremy Piven) when he tells it like it is. You couldn’t help but wanna pat them both on the back for that one.

:: The calm, cool goodbye that E (Kevin Connolly) lays on wiggedy-wacked email spy Ashley (Alexis Dziena). All you Ashley haters out there must’ve loved it. Regardless, can E really stick it out with a woman who doesn’t understand a Rupert Pupkin reference? Please.

:: Turtle giving his own version of “I Am Queens Boulevard.”:

Girl: Is that Vincent Chase?
Turtle: Yep.
Girl: Who are you?
Turtle: I’m Turtle.

I’m predicting Entourage will become far more Vince-centric in Season 7, with the Ferrari film becoming a focal point, just as Smoke Jumpers was in Season 5. Time will tell.

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