ENTOURAGE: Season 6, Episode 7 Preview, Review

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First, a note to all you fans of the fake Entourage movie posters (that would include me): In episode 73, we finally get a good look at Scorsese’s Gatsby poster, as E attempts to hang a framed copy in his new office at Murray Berenson. If we can snag one somewhere, you’ll be the second to know…

Entourage Episode 73 Image

On to the episode: After blowing his stack in the boss’s office, Drama (Kevin Dillon) is in some super deep hot water. As a guy who remembers where his bread’s buttered, he buys a gift basket and heads to the studio lot. Where things get worse. But Drama’s a persistent bastard — and Dillon makes us believe it — with some well-planned apologies up his sleeve. Sort of.

Back home, there’s a mystery brewing: seems someone has broken into the fellas’ house and stolen Vince and Turtle’s underwear. Ari freaks (of course), the guys toke up a little paranoia, and stock up on some anti-stalking weapons. As you can guess, they’re not really the guns and knives types. Crazy way to work Adrian Grenier back into the plots now that the spotlight’s been swung from the Vince character to the other guys.

Speaking of E’s new job… Eric (Kevin Connolly) immediately runs into some static from Scott (Scott Caan, playing a real Hollywood bastard) after offering to help him land eternal horndog Bob Saget as a client. Caan, a simply great addition to this cast, is like the amped-up version of the creep he played in Nicole Holofcener’s Friends with Money. Seems like he’s gonna push E at every turn, and with the psycho request that Saget has made in order to join the group, Scott should be mega-pissed for Episode 74.

To you hardcore fans who comment about Sloan vs. Ashley — not that there’s much of a battle there in your eyes — there’s no mention of either in this episode.

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