ENTOURAGE: Season 6, Episode 8 Review

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Before you realize it, the 24 minutes of Episode 74 are over. That wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact that the episode’s two major plot points are story arcs of minimal interest to long-time fans: Andrew Klein’s relationship problems and, oh hey, Eric’s relationship problems.

The first story benefits from two bizarre, over-the-top moments. First, after a night sleeping in Ari’s office, Andrew (Gary Cole) is at his wits end. With Aaron Sorkin scheduled to arrive at Miller Gold, Andrew’s notes for the Sorkin meeting are home. Behind locked doors. With his wife (Jami Gertz) refusing to let Andrew in. She eventually takes a flame to her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s precious notes, leaving Andrew no choice: It’s time for some massive, call-the-insurance-company destruction.

Entourage Episode 74 Image

Second moment: An imprisoned Andrew conducts his Sorkin meeting while in jail. And does pretty well. Cue a brilliant look from Jeremy Piven as Ari, a twisted combination of strange excitement and utter disgust.

In the world of E, it’s another round of Sloan vs. Ashley, confusing enough to even confuse Vince a little. But — finally — E tells one of the two women to tell her story walking. Then again, it’s easy to have balls when you know you’re probably getting some elsewhere. That night.

Entourage Episode 74 Preview Trailer

Finally, with Vince’s character being diminished to practically nothing in recent episodes, we get more of the same as he, Turtle and Drama have to undergo some brutal tests to challenge the house’s security worthiness. And I can think of no better security boss than the badass — and bossy — Peter Stormare.

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