ENTOURAGE Season Six, Episode Two: Review, Preview

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It’s red-carpet premiere time on episode 68 of Entourage. I’ve always believed this is one aspect of the show that inspires the most excitement in fans. Here’s why:

:: 1) We’ve all seen snippets or photos of stars walking the red carpet and it usually seems incredibly fake.

Here, we have a taste of reality since we “know” the characters, and what they’re up to, before they get out of the limo. So when they put on their “meet the media” faces, we know what’s going on behind the smiles. (This is all odd of course since the show is a fake slice of Hollywood anyway.)

:: 2) We still root for Vince all the way. Drama’s career is there to provide a comedic storyline, but we take Vince’s career seriously. Maybe even more serious than the character does, as evidenced by his attitudes when he and the boys skitched back to Queens at the end of Season 5. When he makes it, hell, it’s like we’ve made it.

So it’s time for the gang to prepare for the big Mann’s Chinese Theater premiere of Gatsby, directed by Martin Scorsese. More pressing the flesh for Vince following his successful Tonight Show appearance with Leno (wuss). So when the boys all hit the shop to pick up their tuxes, seems someone’s going dateless: Drama. Of course, the sneering wannabe pretty boy resolves that before they even walk out of the shop.

His choice turns out to be… well, let’s just say we discover she’s not terribly picky or discreet.

Over at Miller Gold, Gary Cole gets to sink his teeth into a juicier storyline as his Andrew Klein character sinks his teeth into a younger woman at the agency. This enrages Ari, who imagines he and Andrew hitting the heights of success together again. We also know in our hearts that the monogamous Ari probably deplores the very idea of cheating anyway. Joining the cast: Jami Gertz as Andrew’s wife. Shout out to all you fans of 80s films and the CBS show Still Standing.

As for E, will he finally flesh out his feelings for Sloan? I won’t reveal here, but we do have another possible love interest for the mini-manager: giddy neighbor Ashley (Alexis Dziena, the ex-girlfriend in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist). She seems to have lost a bracelet, possibly at E’s house?

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