ENTOURAGE Season Six Premiere: Review, Preview

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Okay, fans of Vince and the gang: It’s time to rejoin the boys from Queens for the sixth season of Entourage, premiering on HBO this Sunday, July 12. And we’re thrilled to deliver this show preview.

Entourage Cast — Season Six

:: Season Six, Episode One (Episode 67)
Scorsese’s “Gatsby” is in the can. Vince (Adrian Grenier) is getting ready to play Enzo Ferrari in an upcoming film. And the guys are somewhere between keeping it tight-knit and finally breaking out into their own lives.

In the opening sequence, the writers have the boys back to their old tricks, relentlessly bugging E (Kevin Connolly) about his soft relationships with women. It’s getting old, and the actors seem to know it, pushing the lines out with a little too much zest in the hopes it still works. After years of making us believe they really do hang together, the intro nearly feels fake.

Luckily, we move on to the show’s best relationship: Ari and Lloyd. Everyone’s favorite gay Asian assistant starts making professional demands of Ari, who reacts in kind with the vitriol we all expect. Jeremy Piven and Rex Lee make this work so well, Piven’s rapid-fire bulldog delivery firing off Lee’s whiny-but-proud pitter-patter. These guys seem like they’re gonna bring most of the laughs for Season 6.

When we get back to the guys, things have evened out a bit, and we’re on to the season’s big plot trigger: The boys are becoming men. E has a chance to lease his own house, courtesy Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) is hot and heavy with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. And Drama (Kevin Dillon) — how could this be? — is working a lot.

Which leaves our hero, Vince. Who’s decided to finally get his driver’s license. Baby bro is gettin’ all growns up, he’s all growns up.As Episode One wraps up, Lloyd gets a cryptic proposition from Ari… Seems Mrs. Ari ain’t the only “long suffering” member of Ari Gold’s circle.

After you tune in, let us know what you think.
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