ENTOURAGE’s Johnny Drama Is Pissed

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Earlier this week, I applauded HBO’s online viral marketing for this Sunday’s Entourage season premiere, aimed at viewers who appreciate the inside joke. Now it’s gone one step further.

Seems Johnny Drama (played by the consistently tongue-in-cheek Kevin Dillon) is Hollywood-style angry about his likeness being used in Viking Quest materials. Here’s the video response from Mr. Drama. A series actor’s work is never done…

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  2. […] Season 6 production will begin in early 2009, with the season premiere (episode #67) airing some time in the summer. Playing up the show’s fact-meets-fiction status, HBO’s press release includes this corny statement: “‘We just spoke to the real Johnny Drama, and he is overjoyed by this pickup,’ added executive producers Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson.” Okay guys, time to stop milking that cow. (See the now-infamous Johnny Drama pissed-off video.) […]


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