Errol Morris’ Best Film Yet? New Trailer for TABLOID

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Compared to his documentary peers, filmmaker Errol Morris certainly has a taste for the titillating. From his first movie, the pet cemetery doc Gates of Heaven, to his award-winning Robert McNamara confession The Fog of War, many of Morris’s films are interested in just how freaky people can be. Whether they study blind mole rats or the unthinkably limitless universe, the subjects of Errol Morris movies have some strange tendency or are in an unusual situation that makes them, well, weirder than the rest of us. Then, there’s Joyce McKinney. She may be the weirdest of them all, in what many are calling the greatest Errol Morris film of them all. It’s appropriately called Tabloid, and IFC Entertainment just released this trailer.

Mormon abduction? Brainwashing? “Like putting a marshmallow in a parking meter”?!?! This is wonderfully ridiculous stuff, a perfectly bizarre reality-TV fantasy mishmash… that gets the grace and maturity of the Errol Morris treatment.

Tabloid premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival and will be released in the US on July 15, 2011.

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