Exclusive Clip from Australian Suspense Drama WISH YOU WERE HERE

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If your only view of Joel Edgerton this movie season has been in Baz Luhrmann’s horribly misguided The Great Gatsby, you’ve now got another chance to see the overlooked, underrated actor stars in a better film: Wish You Were Here, a tense Australian drama that’s part relationship conflict, part suspense mystery.

Edgerton stars as a Sydney family man who spends one week partying in Cambodia with his wife, her sister and the sister’s boyfriend — the last of whom goes missing while away. In addition to heartily recommending the movie, we have an exclusive video clip for you. In this scene, the two sisters, played by the movie’s co-writer Felicity Price and Teresa Palmer, start to feel the stress of the events that have passed. Check it out (takes a few seconds to load).

Wish You Were Here opens in the U.S. on Friday, June 7.

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