Favreau Expresses Interest in IRON MAN 2

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In a practically filter-free interview on The Howard Stern Show, Iron Man director Jon Favreau (below, with Robert Downey, Jr.) said his “heart would be broken” (Howard’s words) if he weren’t locked in for the Iron Man sequel. As Lobby writer Allison reported last week, Favreau’s really the only major Iron Man player not signed for the sequel(s).

Robert Downey, Jr. and Jon Favreau

What will it take? The director admitted to receiving a $4 million salary for the superhero epic, a project he claims took two years to complete. But it’s clear what Favreau wants and probably deserves: a percentage of the gross.

None of that “net” crap, as he’s been burned before: According to Favreau, Elf, the film that clearly established Will Ferrell as a star, cost around $32 million and has grossed over $170 million. The director has not seen one percentage dime out of that one.

Which led Stern to start yelling “Dollar one! Dollar one!” meaning Favreau should get a percentage on Iron Man 2 as soon as it makes its first buck. Considering his Iron Man approach — including the casting of Robert Downey, Jr. — why not?!

Do big-budget directors deserve that kind of scratch? What do you think?

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