Five Days: New Mystery Series from HBO

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Five Days on HBO

Tonight marks the HBO premiere of Five Days, a chilling missing-person drama from HBO and the BBC. In the first 15 minutes of this five-episode film, a young mother of three is mysteriously kidnapped from a roadside flower stand while her two young kids wait in the family car. By the half-hour mark, the kids are gone too.

Each episode of Five Days encompasses 24 hours of the investigation and heartache, with the final part occurring nearly three months after the abduction. HBO debuts each episode Tuesday at 8pm, with airings online and on demand as well. (The BBC aired Five Days twice this year, from January through April.)

The first part, “Day One,” feels like a BBC television drama: quiet, understated, patient. The story develops quickly but the filmmakers leave it to the viewers to connect the characters and the dots — if you like that sort of forced engagement in your TV dramas, you’ll like this. Throughout are issues of a mixed-race marriage, stepchildren, fidelity, police procedure and the purpose of the press.

Don’t plan on a 24-style structure. The second episode takes place on Day 3; the third episode on Day 28. In an interview, writer Gwyneth Hughes says “I thought it would be quite exciting and interesting for the audience to be challenged to work out for itself what had been going on between episodes.” 

Janet McTeer in HBO’s Five DaysCAST: Janet McTeer (left, Tumbleweeds, Terry Gilliam’s Tideland), David Oyelowo (Dr. Junju in The Last King of Scotland), Hugh Bonneville (Stage Beauty 

DIRECTORS: Otto Bathurst (British TV hit Hustle), Simon Curtis

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  1. Tina, 10 years ago Reply

    The beginning was slow to catch on but I was trying to put everyone in place as the program went on; in fact, I had said, where is the lady in white from the airport before the police rang her door bell.
    I’ll be watching next week’s program. I just wish it wsn’t so far away.

  2. Norm Schrager, 10 years ago Reply

    - Tina –

    Yeah, it does feel a little slow at first, but I like that. I appreciate a movie that doesn’t shove everything down your throat, especially one that’s this long. It retains a certain reality when you have to jump in while everything’s happening, and figure it all out. Just like the detectives, in a way.

    I’ll be watching too Tina. Thanks.

    -Norm S.

  3. John, 10 years ago Reply

    If you want the BBC information, you can go to:

  4. Norm Schrager, 10 years ago Reply

    - John –

    Thanks for the link. For anyone interested in going to the BBC site, beware of upcoming episode information that may not have aired here in the U.S. yet. Remember, the entire movie has already aired twice this year in the U.K.

    -Norm S.

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