Frank Miller Talks CGI on THE SPIRIT

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The Spirit Writer-Director Frank MillerThere’s nothing better than a director talking straight up to moviegoers, especially when his or her movie is still in the works. That’s what we have here: A not-yet-published blog post from The Spirit writer-director Frank Miller, on the role CGI plays in moviemaking. (See our recent character posters from The Spirit.)

Miller, a CGI skeptic and huge fan of story and character (damn right), learns they can all join together elegantly, with just the right touch. And the right people.

Here’s our favorite line, from the blog post’s introduction:
I note a swift and steady draining out of my own belief in “human” characters as they turn, in long shot, to inhuman “bendies” like Spider-Man smashed into New York building after New York building in Sam Raimi’s otherwise admirable epic.

Check out the post on, who got the early leak from the good folks at Lionsgate (um, then us!) And see Frank Miller’s official blog posts here (beware some annoyingly broken code there…)

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