Movie News. Your Views. Meet In The Lobby — Now In Development

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From the biggest blockbusters to the tiniest indies, we’ll talk about it — and want to know your point of view. Every topic has a question. The only right answer? Yours.

Coming soon:

  • Star Wars’ 30th Anniversary
  • A $40 PPV Movie?
  • Pirates Pillages at the Box Office
  • The Future of Spider-Man
  • Michael Moore’s Sicko
  • A Winner from Cannes
  • The State of Torture Horror

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  1. Viki, 10 years ago Reply

    Congratulations, Looking forward to it.

  2. Hallal, 10 years ago Reply

    Congratch and best wishes.

    Overheard at the snackbar: “They say a Sopranos movie will start filming this fall…”

  3. Norm, 10 years ago Reply

    … and wouldn’t that be great. I guess we’ll figure out more on Sunday, Hallal. Check the site this weekend to see my story on where Sopranos’ stars might end up on the big screen.



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