“I Am Cuba” DVD: The Ultimate Edition

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You regular Lobby readers are familiar with Movie Poster Monday. Tonight, we’ve got a DVD set cool enough to warrant a Movie Packaging Tuesday.

I Am Cuba The Ultimate Edition DVD Packaging

It’s for today’s release of I Am Cuba: The Ultimate Edition (read my review on filmcritic.com), the infamous 1964 propaganda film told with staggeringly amazing cinematography. This DVD set includes the movie and tons of extras (see details), all neatly packaged in a Cuban-looking cigar box. A tongue-in-cheek statement considering the movie’s political leanings.

Evil Dead Book of the Dead Edition DVDWe’ve all seen creatively packaged DVD sets before. The rubbery “Book of the Dead” cover for Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead (left). The special “complete dossier” edition of Apocalypse Now (right). Apocalypse Now Dossier Edition DVDThe Family Guy‘s “freakin’ party pack.” But the bucks for such unique packaging are usually spent on popular, high visibility titles like these.

The fact that Milestone Films got creative for a cult / special interest film like I Am Cuba makes it even cooler.


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