IFFB 2012 What to Watch: Thursday Preview

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It’s Day 2 here at the Independent Film Festival of Boston: Last night may have been the official Opening Night, but today is when things really get started.

If you’re already overwhelmed by the nine available films to choose from tonight, allow us to make it a tad easier on you with a few recommendations:

Image from documentary Andrew Bird: Fever Year
Andrew Bird: Fever Year
If you’re a fan of films about music, see the amazing things Andrew Bird does with just about anything he can get sound from. Fever Year follows the musician’s drive, dedication and creative process during part of his 2009 tour.
:: Screening at 7:45pm at the Somerville Theater. Director Xan Aranda will be there for Q&A following the film.
More on Andrew Bird: Fever Year from the IFFBoston website

Liberal Arts
For something that screens around the same time, but appeals to a wider audience, Josh Radnor’s (Ted from How I Met Your Mother) Liberal Arts is about a guy searching to regain that wonderful freedom college students have to learn, absorb and philosophize. There’s also a girl involved.
:: Screening at 7pm at the Somerville Theater
More on Liberal Arts from the IFFBoston website

The Imposter
If you’re headed for a second film after either of those above, or would prefer to get started later on in the night, you’ll want to catch The Imposter (see Norm’s review). It’s scary because it’s true: a 23-year-old Algerian man manages to convince everyone that he’s a 16-year-old boy that went missing from Texas. Even the boy’s family. How the family could possibly believe this is their son is just one of the many mysteries covered in Bart Layton’s documentary.
:: Screening at 9:15pm at the Somerville Theater
More on The Imposter from the IFFBoston website

Image from the film Kid-Thing Here’s a curious option: A destructive 10-year-old girl spends her unsupervised days wandering the woods. One day, she comes across “something strange and mysterious” according to the IFFB’s website. Destructive little girls and strange things is enough to pique my interest.
:: Screening at 9:15pm at the Somerville Theater
More on Kid-Thing from the IFFBoston website

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