IFFB 2010: Saturday, What to Watch

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I caught Life 2.0 at the IFFBoston last night and wow, what a doozy. I expected the documentary about the online virtual world, Second Life, to be comedic – poking fun at a world of over-the-top geeky behavior. Instead, I couldn’t laugh about these people – I felt truly worried for them.  Two of the three personal stories covered were deeply disturbing: in one, two married individuals have a virtual affair that they eventually bring into real life and in the other, a grown man is addicted to his 11-year old female avatar. The third story was an unexpected triumph. A Detroit woman uses Second Life to do something she loves and draws in enough income from it to care for herself and her parents. This film is very well done. It’s screening again on Sunday so you have another chance to catch it if you missed it.


Kudos also to some awesome documentary shorts I saw just before – especially 5 Variations on a Long String (watch this awesome video), Keep Dancing (see the trailer), and Snake Fever (the snake hunt festival’s website says it all) with one scene scarier and more gruesome than anything you’ll find in a horror film. The great news is that these will be playing again on Monday night (as part of the Shorts 2 package), so check them out then.

colony.jpgOn the schedule for today is a mesmerizing documentary on the mysterious disappearance of our nation’s bees, Colony (doing a better job than The Happening  making nature scary). What’s interesting here is the beekeeper’s lament that they need help for what they consider the beekeeper’s problem but what might dangerously come off as a corporation vs. the environment problem (although no link to an insecticide has been found).

I’m going to try to check out The Freebie to support Katie Aselton’s directorial debut. I remember Aselton talking about getting into directing back when she was at IFFB for The Puffy Chair.

Also on my list is October Country, a doc on a family’s inability to regenerate from past wounds, and Drones, which is like Office Space + aliens and directed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer alums Amber Benson and Adam Busch.  Cell 211 and Life During Wartime also look great so if you see any of those, let us know what you thought.

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