IFFB 2010: Sunday, What to Watch

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Caught October Country at the IFFB last night – a case study of one family who, even through successive generations, can’t seem to pull themselves out of their mistakes. A very interesting, intimate portrait of the way in which American families can persist but have trouble evolving.

So what’s there to see today? There’s the awesome Magnetic Fields documentary, Strange Powers. It covers how the Magnetic Fields came to be, the various people involved in its 20+ year existence, and how the heck they come up with those songs. Stephen Merritt, leader of the band, has had a reputation of being somewhat of a jerk. But the documentary shows that he’s a bit of a shy, quirky character – a man who just wants to make good music and doesn’t care for the show. Musicians or those who wish they were musicians will dig this film.

hipsters_large.jpgI’m planning on maybe catching the documentary, Anne Perry: Interiors, about a girl (now all grown up) who helped her friend murder her mother, inspiring the film Heavenly Creatures. I’ll also try to fit in Hipsters, a Russian musical about 1950s teens, termed “hipsters”, who prefer American music and dress in bright clothes, pissing off the communist regime. I’m curious about Solitary Man – seeing Michael Douglas play someone at the bottom of the ladder should be interesting. Although I strongly recommend Life 2.0 which is playing opposite it.

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