IFFB 2010: Tuesday, What to Watch

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Tonight the Independent Film Festival of Boston moves over to the Institute for Contemporary Art, a beautiful museum sitting right on the Boston waterfront. Two documentaries will be screening at the ICA: Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child about the 1980s artist’s short career (ended by a heroin overdose). If you never heard of the man, Basquiat started out as a street artist and eventually turned canvas artist. He hung out with the likes of Andy Warhol (who was jealous that he could finish a painting in an hour) and took to wearing expensive Armani suits while painting.

480marwencol.jpgAlso showing is Marwencol, about a man who copes with a traumatic beating in his past by building a model town in his backyard. He creates and acts out the town’s back stories with the dolls that populate it. This is not only a form of emotional therapy for him but also physical therapy which he started after his Medicare benefits ran out. Throughout the documentary, layer after layer of its subject is patiently peeled away revealing a more complicated story than expected.

And don’t miss tomorrow’s Closing Night film – James Franco’s Saturday Night, a documentary that takes viewers behind the scenes for the making of one Saturday Night Live episode. I’ve always wondered what those people do all week.  Micmacs, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet creator of the visually rich and very sweet, Amelie.  [Edited 4/27/10 – As reader nanio pointed out, IFFB has swapped out their closing night film.  Citing “circumstances outside our control”, a message on their site says they are unable to show James Franco’s Saturday night.]

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  1. nanio, 7 years ago Reply

    It looks like they’ve swapped Sat Night for Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Micmacs. I saw the trailer for this over at Kenmore recently and the whole audience was losing it, it should be good.

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