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Now that Opening Night 2011 is in the books for the Independent Film Festival of Boston — complete with a standing ovation for Sesame Street hero Kevin Clash — it’s time to open the schedule, pop some Red Bull, and get down to some movie-watching mania. We’ll preview each day with the understanding that, yes, you’re only one person who can be in only one place at one time. (Unless there’s something you want to tell us.) Both screenings below are at the Somerville Theater.

Thursday, April 28

Color Me Obsessed — 6:45pm
Color Me Obsessed with The ReplacementsThe IFFBoston has always had enormous respect for indie docs about music (DiG, Do It Again, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison), so let’s kick things off with an indie doc about an indie band, The Replacements. An indie band that was as enigmatic as hell, and remains an influence some 20 years after they disbanded (an event that occurred onstage, by the way). Director Gorman Bechard checks out what it means to be a fan, to have a band like The Replacements mean something to a fan. Color Me Obsessed was named one of the top seven new music docs by Rolling Stone Magazine.  (Note: The IFFBoston currently has a Rush Line note for the 6:45pm showing, so get to the Somerville Theater super early.)

Scene from On the IceOn the Ice — 9:30pm
Quick, name the northernmost city in the United States. It’s Barrow, Alaska, and you’re about to spend 96 minutes there, knee-deep in the guilt, lies and survival tactics of two young men with a desperate secret. Seems they and another buddy went seal hunting, something bad went down, and not all of three of them returned. If you like your thrillers cold and isolated, check it out. Won the Best First Feature award at this year’s Berlinale. (Also screens Sunday afternoon at 12:45pm).

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