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I got so caught up in the hubbub of the hub yesterday — the Independent Film Festival, the Yankees at Fenway, insanely good weather — I forgot to publish our Friday IFFB picks. Good thing Allison continued her “Off the Beaten Path” reports to keep you indie film fans as happy as, well, indie fans in Boston in April. Here are Saturday’s recommendations.

:: Crude (Brattle Theater, 12pm)
Joe Berlinger’s documentary was on my “Top Ten Movies to Watch” list for Sundance 2009; it’s the frustrating tale of 30,000 Ecuadorans suing Texaco / Chevron for poisoning their land, people and lives. Comprehensive, cautionary.

Image from Joe Berlinger’s Crude

:: Winnebago Man (Somerville 2, 4:15pm)
Never before have so many odd profanities emerged from one man’s mouth in a documentary — and been funny. That man is Jack Rebney, known as “the Winnebago man” on YouTube, where his corporate video outtakes from the late ’80s have become infamous. What ever became of him? Find out, as filmmaker Ben Steinbauer looks for the guy. One of the most entertaining films of the festival.

Winnebago Man Image — Jack Rebney

:: We Live In Public (Somerville 3, 7:30pm)
Another of my Sundance selections, this documentary from Ondi Timoner (the woman who brought us DiG!), exposes an artistic innovator who may have pushed his idea of “art” too far, with human installations and a somber idea of the future of interactivity and communication. I’ll be there tonight — the guy with the filmcritic.com credentials and the cute blond girl (my wife).

What are you seeing?

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