IFFBoston 2009: Sunday Picks, Trailers

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If you’re in the Boston area, get out there for the final weekend day of the Independent Film Festival. Here are a few IFFB picks — with trailers — for your viewing planning.

:: The Way We Get By (Brattle Theater, 12pm)
In my filmcritic.com preview, I called this documentary the surefire lump in your throat for this festival. A group of elders dedicate their lives — some obsessively — to greeting every American soldier that comes and goes through the Bangor, Maine airport. Bring tissues.

:: Luckey (Somerville 1, 2:45pm)
There are three fantastic choices during this time period (That Evening Sun and Helen), but you may as well go local, especially in the Somerville Theater’s largest room. This Boston-produced documentary tells of a free-spirited architect whose life, work and family issues take a severe turn when a freak accident leaves him a quadriplegic. One of his crowning works is a kids’ “climber” in the lobby of the Boston Children’s Museum.

:: The Escapist (Somerville 5, 8:15pm)
Bryan Cox stars as a prison lifer who plots his escape upon learning his daughter’s become a junkie. Director Rupert Wyatt crosscuts between two presentations: one is daily prison life, the other is the inner workings of the escape. This is showing in a smallish theater — perhaps that’ll add to any feelings of claustrophobia.

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