Indie Film Festival Boston 2009: Off The Beaten Path, Part 2

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Hopefully, you’re already enjoying Boston’s Independent Film Festival but if you still don’t know which films to choose, here are a few more recommendations for ya:

:: Breaking Upwards – The couple in this film, realizing it’s just not working out, decide that instead of going cold turkey without each other, they’ll just do it a couple of days a week. You can imagine how well that works out. I’m a sucker for the films that truly examine all the facets of a relationship. (See also 500 Days of Summer).

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:: Make-Out With Violence – I haven’t seen this one yet and at the risk of putting another zombie/science-fiction theme in here, when the description reads “…stylish and moody teen melodrama that challenges the conventions set forth by John Hughes, embracing instead the simplicity of early-’90s indie auteurs while throwing a zombie into the mix”, I’m intrigued. But it’s kind of a Blood Car-type of intrigued, which, if you saw it at last year’s festival then you know it means that while the movie may be good, you wonder what the heck you just put yourself through.

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Norm already mentioned these, but I highly recommend Best Worst Movie, In the Loop, and World’s Greatest Dad. Be prepared to laugh and feel conflicted at the same time; laugh and worry how much of this may be true; and laugh at some great dialogue and feel reminiscent of Donnie Darko – all in that order.

Enjoy and tell us what films you watch!

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