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While doing some reading on this week’s 2009 Savannah Film Festival, I came across an indie documentary that’s been grabbing buzz all year throughout the circuit. Image from the documentary film 45365It’s got a title that’ll stop anyone scrolling through a film lineup: 45365.

It’s an exceptional title to a movie that’s been winning hearts — and awards — at a handful of fests. The name has the feeling of anonymity, yet it’s very specific: It’s the ZIP code for Sidney, Ohio, a smalltown captured by the film’s director-producers, brothers Bill and Turner Ross. The word “Rockwellian” has been mentioned in describing the Ross’s visual, non-narrative approach to Americana, and the way it still exists in 45365 (both the movie and the postal code), from the football team to the barber shop to the police station.

45365 Trailer

Some say the Ross brothers’ film is insightful, some say it’s overstuffed. 45365 (also called four.five.three.six.five) won the Newport Film Festival’s Special Jury award, the Best Documentary award at SxSW, and the HBO Emerging Filmmaker Award.

If you’re in the Savannah, GA area, you have one last shot to see 45365. Check it out Thursday, November 5, 11:30am at the Lucas Theatre.

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