Is “Knocked Up” Star the Next Dustin Hoffman? “Fresh Air” Interviews Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen

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Is Knocked Up’s Seth Rogen the Next Dustin Hoffman?

On NPR’s “Fresh Air”, Knocked Up writer-director Judd Apatow and actor Seth Rogen gave one of the funnier promotional interviews this year.

It began with a quote from Newsweek‘s David Ansen, who called casting the pudgy, scruffy Rogen as “against the grain as Dustin Hoffman seemed back in the day of The Graduate.”

Apatow gave a typically funny reply: “The fact that people are saying nice things about Seth, comparing him to another unconventionally handsome Jew, is wonderful.”

Rogan’s response: “Exactly!”

PREVIEW: Rogen’s next film: Superbad, a comedy he co-wrote, directed by Greg Mottola (from Apatow’s “Undeclared”).

GEEK NOTE: Both Hoffman and Rogen, appearing in their breakthrough roles, play confused guys named Ben.

TODAY’S QUESTION: With The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, Is Judd Apatow the new top voice for movie comedies? COMMENT

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  1. Nathan, 10 years ago Reply

    Farrelly Bros. used to get the press that Apatow gets today.

  2. norm, 10 years ago Reply

    Hey Nathan-

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when we posted that question. Seems like both Apatow and The Farrellys have infused a lot of heart into their movies lately (see: Fever Pitch). Maybe Apatow does it more naturally…


  3. Nathan, 10 years ago Reply

    Yes, more naturally and more likeable. I’m a fan of both, but to compare, I think Farrellys have great momemts but Apatow has more heart – or tries for more.

  4. Norm, 10 years ago Reply

    I agree — the Farrellys have become known for their “talk about it” moments, especially in Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary. I think Apatow’s life experiences drive him to write with more warmth.


  5. Ben Harper, 10 years ago Reply

    Just saw this movie with my wife. Really enjoyed most of it. I didn’t enjoy the excessive drug references, but in general I thought it had a really raw, honesty to it that I appreciated.

  6. Norm S., 10 years ago Reply

    Hey Ben-

    Going back to Freaks and Geeks, that’s something Judd Apatow’s work has always been — honest. Even when it’s goofy or a little ridiculous.


  7. rofovnifo, 10 years ago Reply

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  8. Norm S., 10 years ago Reply

    Thanks! Feel free to set us in your RSS reader or simply bookmark.

    Hope to see you again.

    -Norm S.

  9. Jenny, 5 years ago Reply

    Initially, I thought this movie was incredibly stupid, and I had no desire to watch it. But, my husband and I tried it one night and thought it was hilarious! While the storyline itself wasn’t entirely realistic, some of the movie was more realistic than most movies. Overall, we thought it WAS fairly stupid, but that the stupidity was what made it hilarious.

    Here’s a list I found of the funniest movies of 2011: I haven’t actually heard of all of them, but I was a little shocked that “No Strings Attached” was listed as #10!

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