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It’s “that” weekend again… a shopping bonanza across our consumption-crazed country. Like it or lump it, one thing is true, especially this year: there are some pretty decent DVD deals. While past “Black Friday” sales may have been about the hardware — HDTVs, game systems — this year, with a few exceptions, it’s all about DVDs. Seems everyone can afford a fresh new DVD movie (or stack of movies, if you wish).

Here are some personal picks on Amazon that jumped out at me. Hey, we’re here to help… (Please note: There are many Black Friday deals, so if you’re reading later in the weekend, prices may change.)

Batman Begins DVD Box Art:: Batman Begins (Widescreen) — $3.99
I refuse to apologize for enjoying this 2005 Christopher Nolan entry more than The Dark Knight. It is one of those few “introductory” superhero movies that doesn’t feel like a giant setup for future sequels. The storyline is super-tight, the acting ferociously good, and the entire narrative well-balanced.

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The Departed DVD Cover Art:: The Departed (Widescreen) — $6.99
Sure, Scorsese’s crime epic (yes, another one) can be a bit overdone but it has some serious get-up-and-go and some tense dialogue I can’t get enough of. And on a personal note, the pivotal scene where Martin Sheen’s character takes a tumble was shot incredibly close to a loved one’s place of business. And the editing of that scene still shocks me every time.

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Once DVD Cover Art:: Once — $7.99
One of my favorite films of 2007 is gradually joining my list of all-time greats. It has that indefinable feel that elevates small movies into another stratosphere — it’s the vibe between Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (not pushy) and the knockout music. Have you seen it? Just try it, especially if you’re a musician. Oh, don’t get thrown by the DVD cover; they’re not the “holding hands” type of couple, that’s just marketing BS.

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If you’re looking for lots of other DVD movies, Amazon is offering a “Black Friday” weekend page with Blu-ray discs and standard DVDs. I could go ballistic (or broke) buying a nice happy pile, so I’ll keep it to titles I really know I’ll watch soon. (Unfortunately, I see plenty of movies to steer clear of. Can Blu-ray actually make Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a good movie?…)

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