James Bond Meets Jack Bauer? New Spy Thriller Announced

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Daniel Craig and Martin Campbell on Casino RoyaleWhat happens when the director of Casino Royale meets the co-creator of 24? We’re not sure either. But Variety reports Joel Surnow (below), co-creator / co-exec-producer of 24, will develop a new spy thriller for United Artists, to be directed by Martin Campbell (above, on the set of Casino Royale).

24 Co-Creator Joel SurnowWhile the Tom Cruise-run UA is looking for a new Cruise vehicle, there are no reports this venture would be built for Cruise. Either way, aren’t we already super-spied out between Bond and Bourne? (Assuming the Bourne series continues). It’s tough to tell what new twist or inflection could be placed on the genre, especially with Casino Royale giving up the Bond cheekiness in favor of the more serious approach of the Bourne trilogy.

Hey, maybe they’ll develop a script that evolves in real-time, with the all the action taking place in… yeah, that’s been done before. I mean, it’s being done. And with a 24 movie planned for ’09, it’s gonna be done again. Speaking of which, how does 24 translate to a single theatrical movie? And shouldn’t it be named 2? And when does Jack Bauer take a break to pee?

Other projects by Joel Surnow: Lots of TV, most of it forgettable, including the TV version of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. 24 is clearly his major achievement.

Other films directed by Martin Campbell: the fairly lame GoldenEye, both Antonio Banderas Zorro movies, Vertical Limit

What’s missing in the spy genre that you’d like to see? Share your comments

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