Jason Reitman to Direct Jim Carrey in PIERRE, PIERRE

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Jim Carrey to star in Pierre, Pierre

Is Jim Carrey on the way back? If working with Juno director Jason Reitman is a positive indication, we’d say yes. Carrey, soon to be heard in Horton Hears A Who and seen in the wacky Yes Man, will star in the heist comedy Pierre, Pierre, which Reitman will direct.

THE PLOT: Carrey plays a self-absorbed Frenchie trying to sneak a stolen painting from Paris to London. The script, which was the center of yet another post-strike bidding war, by first-timers Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton, was acquired by Fox Atomic for $1 million. (insert Austin Powers “one million dollars” impression here)

THE DIRECTOR: Oscar nominee Reitman, director of Thank You For Smoking and Juno, and producer of the 2009¬†killer cheerleader comedy¬†Jennifer’s Body, written by Juno scribe Diablo Cody (boy, I’m sick of her already…) Reitman’s next directing endeavor is the pilot for Steven Spielberg’s new TV series The United States of Tara, starring Toni Collette.

THE LOBBY OPINION: The budget is reported to be $13 million, so we know Carrey ain’t getting $20 million for this one — but we’re sure the back-end will be valuable if The Number 23 hasn’t ruined his box office credibility. We think this is great casting: Carrey could bring an incredible edge to a vicious French guy, and still be darkly funny. As he was in the misunderstood The Cable Guy. Which you should watch again. Really.

QUESTION: Are you still interested in Jim Carrey? And is this a good choice for Jason Reitman?
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  1. Blake, 9 years ago Reply

    hell ya! its awesome he is making some more stuff. he has to throw in some more movies before he gets too old. im getting bored of watching his old ones over and over again. hahha

  2. Norm Schrager, 9 years ago Reply

    - Blake –

    OD’ing on Ace Ventura and Dumb & Dumber replays?

    -Norm S.

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