JOHN ADAMS Leads an Emmy Revolution

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When you create a miniseries as ambitious and high-brow historical as John Adams, the accolades roll in before the movie’s even done. As proof of that, the HBO seven-part extravaganza, based on David McCullough’s book, has scored 23 Emmy nominations. That’s a lot.

Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney in HBO’s John Adams

Wondering how one movie — well, one long movie — receives 23 nominations? Here’s how it breaks down (and you knew Giamatti would be nominated the second he put on the wig.)

Just put the word “Outstanding” before all these categories for Emmy Award accuracy…

Paul Giamatti and David Morse in HBO’s John AdamsMiniseries, Actor (Giamatti!), Actress (Laura Linney), Supporting Actor x 3 (David Morse, Stephen Dillane, Tom Wilkinson), Directing (Tom Hooper), Writing (Kirk Ellis), Art Direction, Cinematography x 2 (different episodes), Casting, Music Composition, Editing, Sound Editing x 2, Sound Mixing x 2, Special Visual Effects, Costumes (duh), Hairstyling(?), Makeup, and… Prosthetic Makeup (I cannot make this up. Huzzah for David Morse’s George Washington nose).

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