Just Announced: De Palma’s SCARFACE on Blu-ray

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Scarface Blu-ray Box ArtWithin Brian De Palma’s film catalog of cinematic excess, 1983’s Scarface is his most excessive. And that’s exactly why it works. Written by Oliver Stone — known for his own overdone approaches, of course — Scarface became an iconic part of movie culture, especially within the gangster genre, because of its over-the-top ways. It’s a style just asking to be quoted, mimicked, adored and even reviled. Now, fans of this heavy-duty epic of immigration, guns, drugs and power heads for Blu-ray, scheduled to hit September 6. We’ve got the details and trailer to follow…

Why announce this nearly five months ahead of time? Good question. There are a couple solid reasons, and neither is included in the trailer. First, you get this much time to decide whether you’ll spend $999.99 on the ultimate version of the movie, complete with a Scarface-inspired, Daniel Marshall-designed humidor, of which only 1000 will be made. (I own the much more affordable cigar box design for the DVD release of I Am Cuba, thank you very much …)

Each humidor has a hand-painted exterior, untreated Spanish cedar interior, and is ready to house 100 cigars. Not Cuban cigars, we assume …

And here’s another reason for the early announcement: As a show of the true fandom for Scarface, Universal is holding a fan art competition, where the ten best submissions will actually be included in the Blu-ray limited edition release. For all the details, head over to the official Scarface page on Facebook.

Beyond that, there are way too many extras in this release to mention. Suffice it to say, if you’re a Scarface fanatic, this will be far more than just “a little friend.” There, I included at least a part of the quote …

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